This is the new Mako Shark Association for the Caribbean Sea. Our goal at msacs.org is to be the foundation that can change the way people think about Mako sharks. All sharks are endangered and every so often in news sources you will see tragedy of shark attacks. All proceeds that are collected are used to directly impact the way of the Caribbean Sea for Mako sharks. These incredible creatures sometime referred to as Isurus sharks are fast as lightning and quick to bite. The donations and money raised are used in the findings of ways to keep Mako sharks and all sharks protected in the Caribbean Sea and surrounding areas. This includes contamination of the ocean with garbage and waste disposal along with protecting our beloved creatures from hunters.

Every dollar helps msacs.org and we take pride in being able to update our news sources to keep you up to date on our progress. Our news postings are not just of what msacs.org is accomplishing it is also about other news sources that involve headlines to other organizations that we work hand and hand with. Our news sources are of the latest and most up to date information from around the world. We even have an area that you can track the sharks that we have tagged in the Caribbean Sea.

Our main goal is ensure the safety of all animals in the sea. Msacs.org is not just for Mako sharks but for all sharks, seals, dolphins and whales. We protect all creatures of the sea and every dollar counts. Stay connected with our news source and let others know what we are attempting to accomplishment. Shark week has become a phenomenal over the past decade. Now is your time to become hands on with our news source at msacs.org. Make a difference and help us shark the sharks along with the others of the Caribbean Sea. Become one with the Caribbean!